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What is the Leeds Perinatal Mental Health Peer Supporter Alliance?

A group made up of individuals and organisations that have an interest in sustaining, growing and improving Peer Support around perinatal mental health (mental health of parents during pregnancy and the child’s first year).

Who can join the Alliance?

  • Anyone who offers peer support around perinatal mental health directly to others, whether in a group, one-to-one or online

  • Anyone who organizes peer-to-peer activities designed specifically to improve perinatal mental health

  • Anyone who manages, trains or supervises perinatal mental health peer supporters

  • Anyone involved in perinatal mental health who would like to offer their help to peer supporters, or promote peer support activities

What is the Alliance aiming to achieve?

We are aiming to create a community of shared knowledge and support for perinatal mental health peer supporters working and volunteering all over Leeds. We hope to reduce isolation among these peer supporters, ensure they have access to training and development, are kept safe and well, and are able to take part in improving the mental health of parents in Leeds

What does being a member involve?

The Alliance is not run by any one organisation but through the co-operation of its members. Therefore it is vital that each member contributes to its success. However we recognise that what one individual may be able to give easily, another may find impossible. Wherever possible we would expect members to:

  • Try to attend meetings and learning events

  • Join the online community/forum

  • Take turns volunteering to carry out admin tasks that keep the Alliance running

  • Share knowledge and information

For more information, please read our member handbook available here:

Become a member

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